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GLU Cheat Day Pill


Chromium – 200 mcg- ALA -150mg – Berberine -300mg – Cinnamon extract – 200 mg – Dandelion Root. 150 mg



GLU is our new Glucose Disposal Agent/Nutrient Partitioner and Carbohydrate Catalyst.  Labeled “The Cheat Day Pill” for its ability to shuttle carbs into muscle makes this new product Recomp in a bottle! GLU is a proprietary blend of Chromium, ALA, Berberine, Cinnamon extract and Dandelion Root. Take one unit before first full meal of the day and one unit before the final full meal of the day for best result. This is a research product and is intended for research purposes only. By purchasing this product you acknowledge that this product is not intended for human consumption or human use in any way.  By purchasing this product you take on the sole responsibility of this product should any injury or damage occur you are releasing Sarmify from any liability resulting from it’s misuse or results.This purchase agreement is binding in the territory of the entire Universe.